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              The company mainly produces products are butterfly valve, hydraulic control valve, balance valve, soft seal gate valve, explosion-proof wave valve, anti-fouling valve, fire special valve, check valve series, regulating valve, stainless steel bellows compensator, the product is widely used Widely used in water supply and drainage, heating, fire, water, municipal engineering, chemical, metallurgy, dust, pharmaceutical and other industries.
              About Us
                  Hebei Xingshui Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the famous "casting town" Botou City, Hebei Province, four camp industrial development zone. Is the research and development, manufacturing, sales HVAC, fire control systems, high-rise building water supply and drainage, urban water supply, municipal engineering, metallurgical systems and other valves and bellows compensator of the technology-based enterprise groups!
              Common problem
            1. Body (including variable speed transmission box) inside and outside, the first should be sh...
            2. Hard seal is a seal between metal and metal, sealed ball and seat are metal, processing acc...
            3. Automatic sprinkler system to be decompression, the pressure relief valve should be set in ...
            4. Butterfly buffer check valve disc was disc-shaped, around the valve seat shaft for rotary m...
            5. Butterfly valve refers to the closure for the disc, around the valve shaft rotation to achi...
            6. Company news
            7.   In order to prevent medium counter-current, on the ...
            8.   China's valve industry scale, high brand awareness,...
            9. Industry information
            10.   Before the valve is installed, the type and specification of the valve used should be caref...
            11.   Butterfly valve is suitable for the flow control, due to the butterfly valve in the pipelin...
            12. Sample Project
              The company's valves are widely used in water supply and drainage, heating, fire, water, municipal engineering, chemical, metallurgical, dust, pharmaceutical and other industries.
              Contact us
              Service Hotlin:0317-8339977
              Q Q: 2603120035
              Botou City, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, four camp Industrial Development Zone
              Zip code: 062150
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